We Have Joined Videoconsultation Platform MinuDoc!

Our clinic has joined the MinuDoc platform to advise our patients via videoconsultations. Our infertility doctor Dr. Sirle Randoja provides advice on pre-pregnancy examinations, tests and the use of necessary vitamins, as well as on issues related to the menstrual cycle. In addition, Dr. Randoja advises you on infertility treatments and possible solutions.

Our midwife Tiina Untera does video consultations in MyDoc environment in Estonian and Russian for pregnant women or if you are just planning a pregnancy. If you have any questions or need encouraging advice from an experienced midwife, book an appointment for Tiina’s consultation in the MinuDoc environment.

Our nurse and midwife Helleliina Aluvee advises you in IVF, pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, as well as family planning and contraception. Helleliina also advises on egg and sperm donation related questions.

MinuDoc is a secure environment where both the doctor and the patient are authenticated before the consultation, and after the appointment, the doctor adds a summary to your Estonian Health Information System.



Why book videoconsultation via MinuDoc?

• The consultation can be accessed quickly and thus your health concern can be resolved quickly.

• You can be in a convenient place during the consultation, such as at home or in the office.

 Minudoc.ee is distinguished from several other online consultation platforms:

• Secure authentication of both partis in the session, which allows the general practitioner and the specialist to document the visit to the client’s health information system, so that the client’s own GP can also view this;

• Video counseling, which provides the consultant with significantly greater visual information than a regular telephone call;

• Personal service, where the customer can choose the service provider that suits him / her;

• Flexibility to meet the consulting service provider physically, if needed or to receive a referral from a specialist.


Book an appointment with our doctors, nurses and midwives from the safety of your home.