Gynaecologist appointment

Now available: ONLINE consultation with our doctors.We provide you with necessary advice, suggestions, draft your infertility treatment plan and help you navigate these difficult times.

An obstetrician/gynaecologist specializes in a woman’s reproductive health and in the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

We recommend visiting our ob/gyn regularly once a year, but it is important to continue to see a gynecologist even after the reproductive age. Regular check-ups are recommended even if you don’t have any direct complaints, as some diseases affecting reproductive health can be asymptomatic for long periods of time. It is definitely worth seeing your gynaecologist, if you’re experiencing irregular menstrual cycles, painful periods, a suspicion of a venereal disease, or if you haven’t been able to conceive within a year.

Fertility Clinic Nordic’s experienced gynaecologists provide assistance with the following services:

• Regular gynaecological examination and ultrasound examination
• Testing for sexually transmitted diseases
• Recommendations for hormone tests, if necessary
• PAP test
• Family planning and use of contraception
Fertility preservation
• Infertility studies (eg tubal permeability study, endometrial receptivity testing with beREADY test)
In vitro fertilization (IUI, IVF / ICSI)
Pregnancy detection and monitoring
• Fetal ultrasound examinations

We offer a pregnancy monitoring service with our midwives from pregnancy detection to childbirth.

Our gynaecologists are Dr Eija Dorbek, Dr Ailen Aluri and Dr Elvira Klochko who are experienced and specialized in infertility issues.

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