Gynaecologist appointment

You can now also book an ONLINE consultation with our doctors. They’ll provide you with necessary advice, give suggestions, draft your infertility treatment plan and will aid in making the correct decisions.

Find yourself some time for a gynaecologist appointment and visit our gynaecologist regularly to find out about the general condition of your reproductive system and to determine the presence of diseases and infections. Furthermore, our gynaecologist gives you information about and advice on the use of contraceptives and performs the placement and removal of intrauterine contraceptives.

In addition, we perform fertility testing to find out about the current state of both male and female fertility, consult on fertility preservation methods (such as healthy lifestyle, nutrition and regular work-out, family planning, vitrification of egg cells for medical or social reasons etc) and offer several infertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI and IUI (also using donor eggs or sperm). We also provide counselling for the possibility to perform PGS/PGD analyzes in our clinic for the selection of the best embryos.

You can also have your pregnancy confirmed with our own midwife and comfortably monitor your pregnancy at our clinic until birth.

Our gynaecologists are Dr Sirle Randoja, Dr Eija Dorbek and Dr Marit Kõre, who are experienced and specialized in infertility issues.