IVF with Egg and Sperm Donations

Our Egg and Sperm bank offers you the chance to have a healthy baby. With active donor programme we are able to find you a suitable donor quickly – no waiting lists.

In some cases donor eggs and donor sperm is needed to conceive and experience parenthood. Thanks to our donors we have been able to help many of our patients to achieve their little miracles.

Fertility Clinic Nordic has an active donor programme with its own Egg and Sperm Bank. Donor gametes are used in case the quality and number of own gametes has decreased or if there are genetic issues. Women over 43 years of age are recommended to use donor eggs to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

Our donors are healthy young men and women mostly between the ages of 20 and 31 with a Nordic outlook (Caucasian). All our donors undergo genetic screening, thorough medical and psychological evaluation and are tested for infectious diseases.



Fertility Clinic Nordic – helping to achieve little miracles