Our Family just got larger!

A couple of weeks ago we described pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) in our Estonian blog (https://fertilityclinicnordic.com/korgtehnoloogia-ja-terve-embrueo-valimine/). Today we are happy to share some pleasant news – last week our first PGS baby was born, who is a healthy and strong little girl. Her mother chose to let specialists assist her and to do PGS to avoid possible genetic diseases. We give our best wishes to the mother and to the long expected baby!

For those who know a little bit Estonian, the news was also echoed in Estonian news: Sündis esimene laps kelle kromosoomid uuriti enne embruo siirdamist läbi Eestis

We were the first clinic in Estonia to provide the possibility of PGS! Read more about our services here: FCN Services