IVF with Full Donation

Egg and sperm donation may prove a possibility for someone to experience pregnancy and parenthood.

In some cases full donation (or double donation – both egg and sperm donation) is needed to have a healthy baby. Our gametes’ bank provides you the chance to conceive, experience pregnancy and enjoy parenthood.

Fertility Clinic Nordic has an active donor programme and its own egg and sperm bank. Suitable donors are found very quickly.

Egg donation is needed in case of quality and number of own oocytes has decreased or if there are genetic issues. Women over the age of 43  are recommended to use egg donation to have a healthy baby.

Sperm donation is recommended in case of severe male infertility or if there are genetic issues. Also, single women can use donor sperm to conceive and have a healthy baby.

• In Estonia, gamete donation is anonymous*and only following information is disclosed about donors: nationality, skin colour, education, marital status, the existence of children, height, physique, hair colour and eye colour

• All our donors are healthy young men and women. Egg donors are mostly aged between 20 and 31 and sperm donors are mostly aged between 20-35

• Nordic outlook (Caucasian)

• All donor candidates undergo genetic screening (normal karyotype, genetic tests) and are tested for infectious diseases (HIV, HBV, HCV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Neisseria Gonorrhoeae, Trichomonas vaginalis, HSV2 IgG, CMV IgG/IgM, HTLV 1,2)

• Donor gametes (also non-anonymous) can be ordered from other sperm banks. We will help to order and organize the transport of gametes from trusted biobanks. Fertility Clinic Nordic is in close cooperation with Cryos International, European Sperm Bank, Ceifer Biobank and IMER.

• The cost of the procedure starts from 4790€. Medications are not included. For new patients there is an additional coordination fee of 490 €. See our full list of prices here.

• We’ll help you find the most suitable solution based on your personal medical history. Book your first appointment online here


* In Estonia, infertility treatments and the use of donor gametes are regulated by the Estonian “Artificial Insemination and Embryo Protection Act”.

Fertility Clinic Nordic provides solutions through egg and sperm donations