How to Make Babies in This Day and Age?

In the beginning of October our patient coordinator Eerika Eensalu participated in Cologne, Germany in one of the most popular fertility and family planning shows called Kinderwunsch Tage (loosely translated as „Desire to Have Children – Days“). Eerika had the oppportunity to interact directly with potential patients looking for solutions on their fertility journey. Today we’re sharing some of Eerika’s  impressions and highlights of the show.

      • The main aim of the event was to inform a so-called „regular person“ about the newest changes in reproductive medicine technologies and to help them choose the best fertility treatments according to their own specific anamnesis. How exactly was this achieved?

    Eerika: I feel like Kinderwunsch Tage in itself is very patient-oriented event, in a sense, that the organizers are offering solutions depending on each individual through personal approach. Our clinic is part of international NextClinics Group, so in our area of the show we had 4 counselling „booths“, where visitors could book a free 30-minute time slot to discuss personally about their fertility issues with a doctor or other reproductive medicine specialist.  Also memorable was one food suplement provider, whose goal was to introduce to men and women the need and affect of taking supplements to support their fertility.

      • For most people infertility is the kind of topic, of which they would rather talk about privatly with their doctor. Is the popularity of this kind of event telling us, that the society is starting to shake off this taboo?

    Eerika: I believe so. To people, who came to the show and saw that they’re not alone with their issues, it definitely had a positive and encouraging impact. And also the organizers of Kinderwunsch Tage, whom I talked to on the spot said, that thanks to the popularity of the event they are planning to expand additionally to 3 shows in Germany (Berlin, Munich, Cologne) next year to France (Paris) and Italy (Milan).

      • What kind of seminars or workshops did you experience?

    Eerika: We had a special seminar and workshop area called „LoonaLounge“, where various seminars, workshops and lively discussions took place. In the end of every seminar visitors had the chance to ask questions or talk to a specialist in private session. Approx. 30 people could attend one seminar and the seats were full most of the times, so the interest in seminars and workshops was big. We also had yoga and massage workshops, instructed by professionals in their field.

      • Organizers have tried to include a target group as wide as possible, introducing visitors not only to most common infertility treatment methods e.g. IVF, but also offering alternative ways of becoming a parent such as via surrogacy or adoption. Would you say the visitors were satisfied with a variety of choice? Did they find a solution that suited them best?

    Eerika: According to Kinderwunsch Tage’s web page they had almost 50 clinics represented in the show. So I do think that yes, every couple or a single person attending got support, knowledge and a lot of free material and professional advice during this event.

      • There are already tickets available for the next Kinderwunsch Tage taking place in Berlin, Germany March (7th to 8th) 2020. Do you recommend participating to our readers?

    Eerika: Definitely. The show is being organized several times a year specifically to introduce newest progress in reproductive medicine field. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for people to personally interact with specialists and clinics from all over the world.  


    We thank Eerika for the interview and insight into global events on the reproductive medicine field!

    Our representative Eerika with our NextClinics collegues and also with representatives of Fertilovit food supplements.

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