Healthy woman is a fertile woman

Eating choices are really hot topic. We need macro elements (lipids, fat, protein, carbohydrates) and microelements (minerals). Healthy woman is a fertile woman. When thinking about fertilization, it is advisory to take folic acid. It is vitamin B9 and it is necessary for DNA synthesis and cell protection. These processes are especially important in newly formed embryo and that’s why it is vital to make sure that your body is having enough of it. The deficiency of folic acid is connected with neural damage in developing embryos. In addition to food supplements, most green vegetable, strawberries, fruit, whole-wheat products and eggs also contain folic acid. Just keep in mind that folic acid is demolished by boiling.

Besides folic acid quite many other microelements are important. Do you have enough?

  1. It is necessary for transporting oxygen to body cells. Eat plenty of liver, meat, chicken, beetroot, peas, cherries, plums etc. Vitamin C is helping ferrum being assimilated and coffee and tea are counteracting that bias.
  2. Iodine deficiency is affecting body’s hormonal control: growth, mental capabilities, hair, skin and nails. You can find iodine in seafish, cod-liver oil, cabbage.
  3. Calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is necessary for immune system and blood clotting and vitamin D is helpful in the assimilation process. When pregnant, without additional calcium the baby is using up our own calcium deposits. So, you need milk, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, fish, cabbage, peas and beans.
  4. Vitamin A helps the immune system to function properly, protects against oxidative stress, and keeps your sightseeing sharp and skin smooth. Liver, egg butter, fish, carrot, and paprika contain it.

Before storming to shop, keep in mind that everything must be balanced and just as microelement deficiency is bad for your body, exaggerating is just as harmful.