IVF treatments with egg and sperm donation in Estonia

Estonia connects the dots between Scandinavia, Central Europe and what lies to the east. Situated  on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe, Estonia is becoming a next hot spot for foreign patients.

Estonia has an excellent healthcare system and lower IVF treatment cost compared to most European countries. Fertility treatments are well regulated and the clinics are regularly inspected to maintain a high standard. Being a member of the European Union means that Estonia adheres to European Union Tissues and Cells Directive. For these reasons, together with the fact that Estonia has outstanding beauty and history, should make it a place to consider for fertility treatment abroad.

IVF treatment in Estonia

• Married, unmarried couples, single women
• Women <51 years can be treated
• Donation locally anonymous
• Clinic can do treatments with non-anonymous donor cells ordered from other donor banks
• Social egg and sperm freezing is permitted; no limit of the time for gamete storage
• PGT-A/SR/M allowed; sex selection only for medical reasons
• Maximum 3 embryos transferred (mainly single embryo transfer)
• Embryos can be stored for up to 7 years
• Surrogacy not permitted

In Estonia, infertility treatments and the use of donor cells are regulated by the Estonian “Artificial Insemination and Embryo Protection Act”.

Egg and sperm donation – why choose us?

Our donors are exceptional young men and women,  whose voluntary act of kindness can help another couple or woman to achieve their dream of having a family. Egg and sperm donation is anonymous in Estonia.  Treatment for using donor eggs or donor sperm has an age limit of 50 years.

Egg donors must be under the age of 35, while sperm donors must not be over 40 years of age. Our donors are mostly aged between 20 to 35. The gametes obtained from one donor may be used in order to conceive babies to be born to up to six different women in Estonia.

While donors remain anonymous, the following information is disclosed about donors: nationality, skin colour, education, marital status, the existence of children, height, physique, hair colour and eye colour. This information is used for matching a patient to a donor in the best possible way.

All donor candidates are screened for various diseases and are obliged to undertake blood and undergo genetic testing. They are also tested for infectious diseases (HIV, HBV, HCV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, Trichomonas vaginalis, HSV2 Igg, CMV Igg/Igm, HTLV 1,2).

We take good care of all our donors, guiding and supporting them throughout the donation process. Egg and sperm donors are compensated for their effort and generosity.

Why choose Estonia for your fertility treament? 

• Lower treatment costs
• Very good standards of medical care
• Clear and easy communication with friendly staff
• Convenient and easy IVF trip to arrange
• Experienced IVF doctors and specialists
• Donor anonymity
• Picturesque location with peaceful and relaxing atmosphere

Our patients can choose either fresh or frozen donor eggs.

Active egg and sperm donation programme

We are continuously looking for young healthy women and men who are willing to become egg and sperm donors. Fertility Clinic Nordic has its own donor egg and sperm bank. Suitable donor gametes are found quickly for our patients.

You might be a suitable donor candidate, if you:

•  are aged between 20 to 32 years (egg donors)
•  are aged between 20 to 35 (sperm donors)
•  make healthy lifestyle choices
•  have no history of genetic diseases in the family
•  wish to help others with intertility issues

Egg and sperm donors undergo thorough medical and psychological evaluation, giving them feedback about their own reproductive health and fertility. For more information about joining our Egg Donor Programme – click here. For sperm donors – please contact us here for more information or e-mail us at: info@ivfnordic.com

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