What is an egg donation? Become an egg donor!

What is an egg donation? It’s a procedure where a woman donates her 10-15 egg cells to another woman who has medical or age-related problems with having viable first-rate eggs herself. Donors have an excellent fertility, they are usually 18-35 years old and they have to pass a thorough testing before they are accepted as donors. The laws guiding sperm and egg donation differ in countries so make sure to read about the legislation in your homeland. Although some countries also offer compensation for donation, the real aim should lie in helping others for whom the process of having a child is complicated for some reason. In order to become an egg donor, search for more information from our website.

The couple, who is looking for a donor of eggs or semen, usually has the right to know donors general data, like age, education, religion, height, weight, eye color, blood type, hair and body color, nation etc. Sometimes single women also benefit from sperm donation as that gives them a chance to bear a child when they can’t find a partner.