We offer high quality fertility treatment methods and procedures with egg and sperm donations

Each family has its own path and sometimes it takes a little longer to have a baby. In Estonia, approximately 2500 couples seek infertility treatment yearly. About 10% of those couples decide to use egg donors or sperm donors in order to conceive, experience pregnancy and the joy of parenthood.

We offer a wide range of fertility treatments (IUI, IVF, ICSI, FET, PGT) and also procedures with donor cells. We have our own biobank.

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Vitrification of oocytes for medical or social reasons

We perform all infertility treatments including IVF, ICSI and IUI.

Both PGD and PGS help to identify genetic defects within embryos.

Egg donation provides couples with the possibility to conceive, experience pregnancy and parenthood.

Embryo culture in the laboratory incubator for 5-6 days makes it easier to select the best quality embryo.

A way for preserving fertility, allowing a woman’s reproductive capacity to be postponed for medical as well as social reasons.

Egg donors and sperm donors in essence give a gift for life